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On-Call Coordinator | New Jersey


Job Location: Remote/New Jersey
Benefits Offered: 401K, Medical, Dental
Employment Type: Full time
Salary: Very Competitive


On-Call Coordinator 

Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services is in need of an on-call coordinator for our New Jersey officesThe on-call coordinator position involves answering and responding to any afterhours calls, which primarily include employee and client scheduling needs. The position requires exceptional communication and organizational skills. Interaction with our clients and their family members requires professionalism, empathy, and a calm demeanor. Candidate must have the ability to respond to time-sensitive needs and to make critical decisions in a timely manner. Candidate needs to enjoy working in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. This position is predominantly workfromhome but will require inoffice training. 

Responsibilities of Position 

  1.  Respond to incoming calls to the office after business hours 
  2. Respond to all messages in a timely manner 
  3. Communicate with clients when an employee calls off or is running late 
  4. Inform appropriate staff of any personnel changes and scheduling needs which arise 
  5. Solve afterhours issues which arise and delegate them appropriately 
  6. Keep office staff informed of all outstanding issues 
  7. Complete on-call logs and send to office staff after each shift 
  8. Perform other duties as assigned 

Job Conditions 

  1. Position is stressful in terms of meeting deadlines 
  2. Ability to handle on-call schedule, which is after work hours 


  1. Exceptional customer service skills 
  2. Home health care experience required 
  3. On-call experience preferred 
  4. Must be able to work after traditional business hours, overnight, when the offices are closed 
  5. Critical thinking skills are essential; the successful candidate will be a good problem solver, as they work to re-fill cancelled shifts 


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