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The Best Podcasts for Home Health Care Workers

The reality of being a home health care worker is that while the work may be rewarding, it can also be incredibly demanding. The challenging work and emotions can leave you feeling alone. Whether you are suffering from compassion fatigue or stress from the demands of the job, know that you are not the only […]
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The Best Podcasts for When a Loved One is Sick

When a loved one is sick, the demanding care along with challenging emotions can leave you feeling alone. Feelings of guilt, sadness, and anger are common during this difficult time so know that you are not the only person struggling or feeling the way you do. Several podcasts discuss the difficulties of caregiving and dealing […]
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How to Manage Stress When Your Loved One Needs Home Health Care

If you’ve taken on the heroic responsibility of providing care for a loved one that needs extra support for their health, you’ve probably sacrificed a lot. During this difficult time, it’s common to feel an array of emotions including anger, guilt, and complete exhaustion while dealing with the stresses of daily life and the added […]
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How to Manage Stress as a Home Health Care Worker

Providing care and compassion as a home health care worker can be extremely rewarding, but the job also comes with continual stress. Stressors can vary based on the home you’re working in, the personality and health of the client, your expectations, and more. While your role may be adding significant value to someone’s life, it […]
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How to Support Your Loved One’s Home Health Nurse

Welcoming a home health nurse into your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. No matter how qualified the nurse may be, a new person is entering into the lives of you and your loved one, and trust needs to be established. This can also be a challenging time for the home health nurse as they […]
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Where to Buy Gently Used Medical Equipment

Needing to pay out-of-pocket for medical equipment because insurance doesn’t cover the expense can be an enormous burden on top of an already difficult situation. Now, more people are purchasing used medical equipment from reputable companies that provide clean and safe devices at a significantly lower cost. Gently used medical equipment can cost half of […]
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Telling Children About a Loved One’s Illness

When you make the important decision to receive home health care for a loved one with a terminal or chronic illness, you will need to plan how you inform other members of the family. If there are children in the home, that communication can be tricky to navigate. Children are perceptive and will sense that […]
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Never Go Hungry: Saving on Groceries and Getting Help When You Need It

Hunger affects people from all walks of life; hunger does not discriminate according to age, race, ethnicity, or geographical location. The United States is currently seeing a historically high rate of food insecurity with 1 in 8 people struggling with hunger, according to Feeding America. While consumer prices have been on the rise, many people […]
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Therapy Dogs Are the Perfect Gift for You!

The holiday season can give rise to a mix of emotions, especially for individuals who are sick or are caring for someone who is sick. It can be hard to embrace the seasonal cheer of the holiday season. If you’re struggling with the stress of festivities on top of dealing with an illness, you may […]
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How to Care for Yourself When Caring for a Sick Loved One

Caring for a loved one can be difficult for both the caretaker and their family member. When you are a caregiver, it is crucial that you take care of yourself. Under normal circumstances, sleep and downtime are necessary for the body and brain to recover from life’s daily stresses. When you add the stress of […]
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